Ten Photos From Ephesus, The Ancient Greco-Roman City Near Izmir, Turkey.

Ephesus is an ancient Greco-Roman city of Ionia dating back to the 10th century BC.  It is located near the modern city of Izmir, Turkey.  There are many artistic and architectural gems to see here.  If you like ancient ruins, it’s a great place to visit.  Many cruise lines offer a stop in nearby Izmir as part of their Mediterranean cruise.

1: Nike, The goddess of strength, speed, and victory. Just do it!
2: These fragments have been reassembled with the help of some concrete.
3: I’m curious what this says! Can anyone read ancient Greek?
4: The reconstructed facade of the Library of Celsus from the 2nd century AD.
5: Some remains of the Temple of Hadrian from the 2nd century. Both the Temple and Library were featured on the 20 Turkish Lira bank note.
6-7: I really like mosaic floors, my dream house would have them. These ones date back from Roman times.
8: Using the toilet was a social affair back in ancient times. Hey, can you hand me that scroll. Whoa Augustus, what did you have for lunch?
9: A field with scattered remnants of Greek and Roman architecture.
10: The Greco-Roman theater of Ephesus, built into the hillside, which was capable of holding over 20,000 patrons.

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