Life On The Tonlé Sap, Cambodia (Ten Photos)

Tonlé Sap Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. It is located near the city of Siem Reap in Cambodia. The Tonlé Sap River connects it to the Mekong River. During the wet season, the Mekong River reverses and can flood the lake to over 6 times its size in the dry season. Residents in the area have adapted to this natural phenomena very well, even though daily life can be challenging.

1: Here you can see how tall these houses are built. I was told that during particularly bad wet seasons, the residents are able to dock their boats near their porches.
2: A man working on his boat. Boats are an integral part of transportation and commerce for the villages of the Tonlé Sap.
3: Obviously I was there i the dry season, I can’t imagine bicycles are much use otherwise.
4: Some produce sellers. I wonder how they make a living during the wet season. They must replace bicycles with boats!
5: One of the few buildings within the vicinity of the Tonlé Sap that is not on stilts.
6: A woman maintaining her boat gives me a welcoming grin as we pass.
7: This boat is the super-deluxe model!
8: The view from a floating restaurant on Tonlé Sap Lake.
9: A group of ladies on a traditional boat. I wonder where they are going.
10: A young girl looks on inquisitively as we pass by.

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