Welcome To The New Normal In Portland: Part 2

In my previous post, we looked at some vandalized government buildings.  The vandalism actually extended a lot further than that.  While these photos are now over a week old, I can’t imagine things have changed all that much.  The riots persist according the the news, and the local government seems impotent in any attempts to prevent it [src].  I have very little desire to return to the city and see how things have progressed, but I may return in another week or so if my curiosity gets the best of me.

As before, I don’t think these require a lot of commentary, so for the most part I am just posting them for posterity sake.

Everything has changed, and apparently the only way to fix it is by erasing everything.

Light a historical elk statue on fire, get a wicket looking replacement. There used to be a huge Elk statue sitting in this spot atop a large fountain. Both were removed by the city. [src]

This is a monument memorializing fallen Oregonian soldiers of the Spanish-American War, not even it was immune from defacement.

Many buildings such as this one and in the next photo were completely closed and gated off.

The Scientologists did an impeccable job of boarding up their windows!

Thanks for visiting.  So what do you think, is Portland a place you’d like to visit any time soon?

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