When Nature Takes Over (10 Photos)

When I was exploring the temples within the ancient city of Angkor, Cambodia, I witnessed the result of the power of nature in reclaiming the abandoned cities of man.  This post contains just a few of the many examples.

1: The roots of this tree grew around this entrance as if it were beckoning you to enter. The path appears to be natural, as there is no visible cutting.
2: Did this tree grow up the wall or did it grow down the wall?
3: It appears as if the top of this tree was lopped off when it was discovered this small building was about to burst.
4: This building is well camouflaged from above by the dense tree cover.
5: The roots of this tree go down the wall and across the ground looking for the earth’s nourishment.
6: The roots of this tree started to grow into the window and then thought better of it.
7: Viewed from the other side, you would’t know this building was there.
8: Nature left a doggie door.
9: This tree looks so large and ancient, it makes you wonder if it’s out of control landscaping from a thousand years ago.
10: It’s fascinating how the roots of this tree perfectly contour to the bricks of the crumbling wall.

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