Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro in 10 photos

For my second set of 10 photos, I chose Kilimanjaro.  Back in 2015, while living and working in Africa, I decided to summit Mount Kilimanjaro.  At 5,895m, Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa, and the tallest free standing mountain in the world.  It is located in the beautiful country of Tanzania.

I firmly believe you need to challenge yourself throughout life. The preparation for this goal and its accomplishment has helped me to grow as a person.  Because I spent the entire previous year at sea level, I chose the Lemosho route, which was 8 days, and allowed the most time for adjusting to the extreme altitudes.

1:  Here we are on day 1, getting ready to leave.  The porters are weighing their packs. The maximum amount they can carry is governed by law.

2:  This is day 2 of our trek, with my guide in the foreground and the peak of Kilimanjaro in the distance.

3:  While hiking Kilimanjaro you pass through five distinct climate zones.  Each has its own weather patterns, and flora and fauna. It ranges from thick jungle at the base, to arctic conditions at the peak.

4:  While the way to the peak is mostly hiking, there are a few spots to climb as I am doing here

5:  Porters are a hard working bunch of folks.  Their job is to carry a lot of stuff up the mountain and get to camp before you do.  They make about $10 per day, and you normally tip them 100-200%.  If you decide to hike the mountain, go with a company that ethically treats its porters!

6:  We opted to summit during the full moon, and here is a great view of it.

7:  Kilimanjaro is one of those few chances you get to walk above the clouds.  Here my guide is standing on a ledge above the cloud banks, with the nearby Mount Meru in the distance.

8:  Sweet success!  Ironically I started to get altitude sickness at the summit and had a horrible time getting back down to base camp.

9:  This glacier once covered the peak of Kilimanjaro.  Now only a small area is left and that is anticipated to be gone in 20 years or so.

10:  After 8 days of hiking, the welcoming sight of civilization.  Hot shower, here I come!

Summiting Kilimanjaro is a once in a lifetime experience, and with the possibility of altitude sickness, success is not guaranteed.  Either way, it’s definitely a goal worth pursuing.

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