Whimsical Erawan Falls Near Kanchanaburi, Thailand in Ten Photos

Located 64km from Bangkok, Thailand near the city of Kanchanaburi, Erawan falls is well worth a day drip.  The falls consist of 7 tiers and many smaller stepped waterfalls.  My photos are in no particular order.

1-2:  The forest canopy let in just amount of light for some great photos.

3:  Each of the seven tiers had its own uniqueness about it.

4:  We came across a tree with large ribbons tied to it, though I’m not sure of the significance.

5-7: There are many small stepped waterfalls along the way.  These were actually my favorite part.

8-9:  There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the emerald green waters.

10:  The final level is the actual Erawan waterfall, which is so named due to its resemblance to the Hindu god Erawan.

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