10 Photos of Babies and More from Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

Tarangire National Park, is in northeast Tanzania and located in the Manyara region.  It is named for the Tarangire River that passes through it.  It is home to a wide range of flora and fauna.

1:  Some wildebeest lounging under a baobab tree.  Both are peculiar to look at.

2:  A dazzle of zebra, hanging out by the water of the Tarangire river, with some elephant in the background.

3:  An adorable zebra foal with the characteristic brownish tint stripes and fuzzy fur coat.

4:  A meme-worthy photo of a pair of giraffes.  

5:  A dominate male impala with his harem nearby.  We saw a herd of bachelors about a mile away, the poor lads.

6: And of course, who doesn’t like babies?  This impala calf appears to be on high alert!

7:  Impala sisters grooming each other.

8: A lone female (I think) elephant wandering the landscape.

9:  A waterbuck defiantly looks at me.  Only the males have horns.

10:  A few helmeted guineafowl with their distinctive spotted plumage and blue heads.  They are a popular source of food for humans and can be domesticated.


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