So So Salty Lake Assal, Djibouti in Ten Photos

Lake Assal (Lac Assal) is a saltwater lake in Djibouti.  At 150M below sea level, it is the lowest spot in Africa and one of the lowest spots on the globe.  It is saltier than the Dead Sea and the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It’s also located in the desert, so the area is incredibly hot.

1:  On our way to the lake we encountered this handsome young lad who had all kinds of cool stuff for sale, including bags of salt harvested from the lake.  

2:  The lake itself has crystal clear blue water and is ringed by a layer of pure salt.

3:  At first glance the white in the center looks like snow, but it’s actually pure salt.

4 & 5:  Here are some more beautiful views of the lake shore.

6:  If you are brave enough to enter the lake be warned.  Every orifice on your body and any cuts or scrapes will burn.  If you get the water in your eyes, it will effectively blind you.  You will emerge coated with salt so you should rinse off after taking a dip.  On the positive side, you have great buoyancy and will bob up and down like a cork in the water.

7-9:  Besides the amazing lake, the geological formations create a vast alien landscape all around for you to explore.  I’m surprised sci-fi movies aren’t filmed here.

10:  On our way home from Lac Assal, we discovered one of the mythical tree goats of Djibouti.

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