Saigon River Near HCMC, Vietnam in Ten Photos

You might have heard of Saigon in all of those Vietnam war movies.  Saigon was the capital of South Vietnam and was renamed to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) after the annexation following the Vietnam War in 1976.  HCMC sits along side the Saigon River.

1 & 2:  Buildings along the Saigon River range from modern towers with helipads, to ramshackle shanties.

3:  If you need to cross the river you may do so on one of the many ferries along the banks.

4:  Some fishermen tending to their nets.

5: This photo to me is iconic of boating on the Saigon River.  The flat Sampan boat, and conical hat.

6:  The Vietnamese paint eyes on their boats in order to scare away monsters

7: Cassava root is a major crop of the area.  It is what Tapioca is made from.  You can buy grilled cassava from street vendors, and it is delicious.

8:  Some farmers hauling the crop along the river.

9:  A man applies some fresh resin to his boat.

10:  I found this relief within the Cao Dai Temple to be fascinating.   They believe that figures like Buddha, Confucius, and Jesus are all prophets of the same deity, and to follow the teachings of all of them.








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