Family Life at Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania (10 Photos)

Lake Manyara National Park, is located in Tanzania.  At about 90 square miles, it’s a smaller park.  Don’t let that dissuade you, it’s but full of beauty, including the lake itself and plenty of wildlife.

1:  It was difficult to get them to pose for this family portrait.  Someone was having nothing of it.

2:  Judging by how torn up this elephant’s ears are, it can’t be an easy life.

3: If there was any doubt that elephants travel in a line.  Notice how the calves are strategically placed between adults to protect them from predators.

4:  Of all the mammals in Africa, hippos are the meanest and most aggressive towards humans who get too close to them.  They are also deceptively fast.

5:  Hippos however don’t care if you are a stork.

6: This cute little guy is a Vervet money.

7:  The male Vervet monkeys have blue balls.  Maybe they should get out more.

8:  You know who doesn’t have blue balls?  Baboons!!!

9:  …and they make lots of babies!

10:  …and baboon babies are so cute.

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