Bangkok Muay Thai Boxing In Ten Photos

Muay Thai is the popular martial art founded in Thailand and popular around the world. I had the opportunity to view a match while in Bangkok. Muay Thai is referred to as the ‘Art Of 8 Limbs’, because it utilizes striking attacks using fists, elbows, knees, and shins. Muay Thai training requires vigorous conditioning techniques such as repeatedly kicking or punching a dense target such as a banana tree.

1: Before a match, one fighter performs a ritual dance while the other prays and vice versa. Both wear traditional headbands, which are removed prior to the fight.
2: These boxers are very young, about 10-years old. Child boxing is controversial, and its participants are known to have lower IQs and developmental problems due to injury to their developing brains.
3: A child from a slightly older age bracket prays before a match.
4: A fighter hugs his trainer prior to the match.
5: These fighters square up and are ready to fight.
6: A fighter dodges a head kick.
7: This same fighter connects with a kick to the head of his opponent, with the result in the following photo.
8: Serious injury is an unfortunate reality in Muay Thai boxing. This young man has been knocked unconscious. Both trainers and his opponent come to his aid.
9-10: Westerners travel to Thailand to compete. The main bout for the night were both non-locals.

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