Wapato Greenway State Park, OR (10 Photos)

Just a short drive away from Portland, OR is one of the largest river islands in the US, called Sauvie Island.  It lies between the Columbia River, Multnomah Channel, and Willamette River.  On that island is Wapato Access Greenway State Park, a small state park with a 2.3 mile loop trail.  It’s a great place to escape the madness of Portland.  I’ve never seen it crowded.  It’s a flat easy trail.  I actually did 8 laps around it when I was training for a marathon.

1-3: I just love the painfully twisted trunks and branches of these trees. The new growth just adds to it.

4: Many trees here are covered with lichen, moss, and ivy.

5: This tree has a good sized burl on its trunk. Burls like this form where a tree has suffered an injury or infection.

6-7: The park is a great place for bird watching. I found these two critters darting around.

7: Virginia lake sits at the center of the park. During the summer months, it’s more of a wetland than a lake. It’s a great place to view waterfowl. Here a gaggle of cackling geese swim in single file across the lake.

9: I think someone may have planted these daffodils, I don’t think they are native to the area.

10: It looks like some beaver were having a go at this tree trunk!

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