Visiting Marseille, France In Ten Photos

Marseille is in the south of France on the Mediterranean Ocean. The city itself originally dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times. It is now France’s third largest city, and a major shipping port. Being on the Mediterranean, the climate is hot in summer and the winters are mild. There’s a lot of great architecture, culture, and museums to experience.

1: Château d’If viewed from Fort De Croix on Ratonneau island. This and other islands in the Frioul archipelago are easily accessible by ferry.

2: This appears to be an anti-aircraft gun placement located at the fort. I’m not sure if it was French or German, but still a vivid reminder of the not-too-distant past.

3: Château d’If with Marseille in the distance. Château d’If is depicted in the work of fiction, The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas’. Even though the work is fictional, I was very excited to visit this place due to my love for the book. It is definitely in my top 10.

4: Right off the coast of Marseille, lies the Frioul archipelago, which consists of 4 islands which includes Château d’If. This photo is on the island of Ratonneau at a place called Port de Banc.

5: This Marina is located within the Frioul archipelago. It’s called the Marina Le Frioul.

6: Palais Longchamp Construction was started in 1839 and took 30 years to complete. The central fountain pictured is called château d’eau , or water castle. It was built to commemorate the Canal de Marseille, which connects to the Durance river 80km away in order to supply the city with fresh water.

7: Notre Dame De La Garde is built on the highest point in Marseille. Construction began in 1852, and it was consecrated in 1864. It was built on the ruins of a 16th century fort.

8: The interior of Notre Dame De La Garde has exquisite gold and mosaic work.

9: Located in the shadow of Notre Dame De La Garde, lies Le Vieux Port, or the Old Port of Marseille.

10: Calanques national park occupies 20 miles of shoreline from Marseille to Cassis. It’s a beautiful place to experience nature and relax.

If you are interested in learning more, check out the Wikitravel page!

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