Learning to Code for Both Kids, and Kids at Heart

Code Combat is an open source (Github) community driven project for teaching coding. It does this in an visually stunning and engaging way. It’s perfect for getting kids excited about coding and also useful to beginner or occasional adult coders to keep their skills up. “Courses are available in JavaScript and Python. Web Development courses utilize HTML, CSS, and jQuery.1“. The platform is also available in 45 languages.

It all starts with a world map, where completion of dungeons unlocks subsequent dungeons. Each dungeon covers different coding topics, building on the previous dungeon.

You are guided through each dungeon task by task. Each task builds on the skills used in the previous task.

Upon choosing a task, you are then directed to a screen where you can pick and equip a hero. Equipment is either awarded to you upon task completion, or can be bought using gems, which you earn for finishing tasks. Some equipment unlocks additional methods, or allows you to complete tasks faster.

After choosing your character, the next screen gives you the task map along with the stated goals, which describes the code that will be needed to complete the task.

In the next screen you are again provided the visual map, along with the available methods that can be used within the task, and a window within which you code your solution.

Upon successful completion of the task, you are awarded experience points, gems, and sometimes items. Upon continuing, you return to the dungeon map where more unlocked tasks await you.

You can choose one of the uncompleted flagged tasks, or a previously completed colored task for additional reinforcement. Future tasks are greyed out and cannot be chosen until unlocked.

Lifetime access for individuals to the platform is only $99, and content is continually being added. Special accounts (with different pricing) are available to educators, that allow you to generate individual access codes for your students. If you want to learn to code, are a teacher, or just wish to support the project, give them a visit at https://codecombat.com/

All images courtesy of Codecombat.

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