How To (Almost) Direct Deposit Bitcoin From Your Paycheck If You Live In The USA

Cash App is by far my favorite way of purchasing Bitcoin.  If you think CoinBase is headed in the wrong direction, you should consider Cash App.  With Cash App, you have the ability to direct deposit into it utilizing a bank routing and account number.  Many employers let you direct deposit your paycheck into multiple accounts.  If you want to dollar cost average into Bitcoin, you could divert some fixed percentage of your income into Cash App for the purpose of buying Bitcoin.

Follow step 1 below for a Cash App account, and 2-5 if you want to get direct deposit set up.

Step 1: Sign up for Cash App using the link below (We both get $5)

Try Cash App using my code and we’ll each get $5! MSLLGWX

Step 2: Retrieve the routing number and account number from your Cash App account (Click on Cash and scroll down).

Step 3: Request your company deposit a certain percentage of your check to your Cash App account via your Cash App routing and account number.  My company’s payroll processor let me add accounts and allocate percentages all online.

Step 4: When the funds clear on pay day, purchase your bitcoin!

Step 5: Repeat for every paycheck

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