A Helicopter Ride Over the Philippines in Ten Photos

A few years back I was lucky enough to travel by helicopter over the Philippines. While not as relaxing as taking a hot air balloon, a helicopter offers a good balance of speed and stability for taking photos. I don’t remember many specific details of the places in the photos, but they illustrate the beauty all around you once you take to the sky and leave the metropolitan areas.

1. Getting ready for takeoff
2. Saying goodbye to the town.
3. The shadow of the helicopter
4. Some floating houses surrounded by forest(mangrove perhaps?).
5. A small island surrounded by reef.
6. I’m guessing these are rice farms.
7. Water so crystal clear you can’t tell where the land begins and the sea ends!
8. Another small island surrounded by crystal blue water.
9. I wonder if people who live here take this for granted.
10. The water is so deep and so clear in this spot!

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