What Blogging / Steem has given me so far.

I’m thankful the the opportunity to travel over the years.  During my travels, I’ve managed to take tens of thousands of photos.  I never really thought about what I could do with these photos until recently when I found  WordPress / Steempress, and Steemit.  I’ve had my own domain for several years. I thought why not try to chronicle my journeys on an entirely new platform.  Platforms where I control my own data and monetize myself, rather than the traditional social media model of having my data sold to third parties.  Blogging on my own domain, and then feeding that into Steem, seemed like a match made in heaven.

So here I am, living in the past in the best possible way, by reliving positive experiences in my life.  While doing so, I continue to be inspired about what comes next.  It’s not really about making money for me, it’s about creating instead of just consuming.  Travel photography is a perfect jump-off point for me, because I have such a large collection to draw from and talk about.  How I grow from there who knows.

Thanks for Reading!

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