When Nature Takes Over | Ireland Edition (10 Photos)

The climate and rainfall make The Republic of Ireland one of the greenest places on earth.  You can see countless examples here of nature taking over when left to its own devices.

1: This is the shipwreck of the MV Plassy, which was a steam trawler that ran aground in 1960. Nature, with the aid of powerful storms, moved the ship to its present location on the Aran islands. To this day, nature continues it’s assault on the ship through erosion.
2: These ruins on Inisheer island were once a 14th century tower house owned by the O’Brien clan. It is now covered with moss.
3: This is Springfield Castle in Limerick. The facade of the manor house is covered with ivy, which adds a lot of character. Keeping the ivy from getting out of control requires constant maintenance.
4: This is the Leap Castle Priest’s House. It looks more like a planter box than a building. Leap Castle is located in Coolderry, and is recognized by some as the most haunted castle in Ireland.
5-6: These outbuildings at Leap Castle are totally inundated with plant life.
7: The window of the ‘Bloody Chapel’ at Leap Castle. Wherever the sun hits, you can see the tint of green life.
8: This cross from the Rock of Cashel has an assortment of moss, mold, and fungus growing all over it.
9: The ruins of Hore Abbey off in the distance. Even from this vantage point, you can see moss covering the exterior, and the emergence of plants.
10: Ivy appears to creep over the walls of these church ruins.

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