Exploring The Ethiopian Countryside Outside Of Addis Ababa (Ten Photos)

While visiting Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, I had a chance to explore a bit outside the city.  We decided to head south and see a number of sites within a few hours of the city.

1- 2: The stele of Tiya are located about 80km south of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Archeologists are unsure of their origin, but they are thought to have been built somewhere between the 10th and 15th centuries.
3: Adadi Mariam church is one of the many rock-hewn churches in Ethiopia. The entire church is carved out of a single block of stone. The exterior of the church itself is well camouflaged, and is difficult to discern from the surrounding landscape as you approach it.
4: As you descend down into the church, the halls are adorned with many tapestries and artworks.
5: This is the center of the church, where the inner sanctum lies beyond the doors on the right. The church was built in the 12th century, and it’s location puts it the further south of all the monolithic churches in Ethiopia.

6: I had a chance to stroll through a cattle and produce market. I was met with many friendly smiles and greetings.
7-8: I also had the opportunity to visit a local village, and even met the village elder. The residents claimed he was over 150 years old. The entire village was very eager to get their photo taken, and excited to see the result on the tiny LCD screen on my SLR.
9: Even though this horse seems to be in sad shape, he has still has retained some of majesty. I was told that horses are highly valued in the local culture. When they become too old to perform as beasts of burden, they are left to wander and fend for themselves.
10: A ‘squadron’ of Great White Pelicans near Ziway Lake in southern Ethiopia.

2 thoughts on “Exploring The Ethiopian Countryside Outside Of Addis Ababa (Ten Photos)

  1. It was interesting to read about your trip to the countryside. And to actually see photos of what’s inside the rock hewn church. I’m always so amazed with these places as I find them to be uniquely Ethiopian. I can’t believe they were able to carve this out of a rock. That’s amazing. Did you get to visit other rock hewn churches in Ethiopia? Happy travels!

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